Energy efficiency means to make efficient, from the energy point of view, a company, an industrial process or a production shift to ensure that the same result can be achieved by consuming less energy.
Working on processes dated precisely because they are tested “for years” that are considered “old” in terms of energy efficiency. The electrical energy is now a variable of fundamental importance in the management of an industrial process.
The processes will remain unchanged, but will be cheaper.


The cost of electric energy consumption and maintenance costs can be reduced up to 80% by replacing neon lamps, incandescent or halogen.

Compressed air

The production and distribution of compressed air in the industries using energy that can be saved by adopting intelligent systems management, using the speed changers, limiting the losses of load and recovering the heat load.
You can save up to 25%.

Electrical installations

The electrical system suffers from inefficiency on the quality of the electricity it delivers. It can detect and reduce or eliminate harmonics, brownouts and power reactive components. The savings potential is estimated at about 10%.

Electric Motors

Electric motors are the major source of energy consumption.
Using high-efficiency motors, inverters and control systems for the efficient transmission of motion, starting systems intelligent you get to save 25% of energy.

Pumping Systems

Most of the pumps is oversized.
There are some small steps to save energy: use of variable speed drives instead of varying the flow rate valves, bends and elbows limit, scheduled maintenance for impellers.
The savings up to 40 %.

Conditioning and Refrigeration

Thermal energy is a precious commodity that should not be wasted.
The solutions are many: install heat recovery, reducing losses in distribution, insulate the connections.
The savings potential is 20%.

Ventilation systems

It represents a significant energy savings and can adopt high-efficiency motors, direct connections between the motor and fan, use of variable speed drives instead of dampers that vary the flow rate.
You get to save up to 30%.

Purchase of energy

Also buy intelligently electricity , natural gas and fuel you can save about 10% each year.